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Wireless Lavalier Microphone Audio Recording Mini Mic


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Wireless Lavalier Microphone Audio Recording Mini Mic

Smart Wireless microphone, which can provide proffesional recording output. (Plug and play, no app required).
Used: It can be used in online live broadcast, vodio vlog shooting, program interview, recording, vodio teaching and other occasion. Connect to phone automatically.
The wireless microphone consists of three parts: Microphone transmitter, receiver and charging cas.
Universal and Performance Wireless System & Portable and Durable: The Receiver is powered by Phones, there is rechargeable battery built in Transmission Microphone. 360°omnidirectional sound reception, recording every detail of your sound. Small Clip on back is helpful to attach the microphone to your shirt, tie or pocket.
Configurations: 1T1R (the manual is general)
2.4GHz Microphone with Clear Voice and Noise Reduction: Omnidirectional microphone, clear recording in noisy environment.
Long Wireless Connection Distance: 20m of accessible reception
Charge Case : about 300mah, useful to charge transmitter when it is low power.
Built-in Battery: about 120mah, long working time
Charge Case : about 800mah, useful to charge transmitter when it is low power.
Windproof net
Toggie switch
Microphone clip
Charging and monitoring port
Type C/Lighting port
Type C charging port
Charging case power indicator
Wireless transmission technology
Precise radio with clear timbre
Highly sensitive
Widely compatible

Color: Black 


  • Microphone Transmitter (TX)
  • Rceiver (RX)
  • Charging case
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • 1T1R WIreless Microphone

How to Use: 

Step 1: Take out the RX from the charging box and insert the RX into the mobile device port, the blue light flashes, indicating that the RX is powered on and successfully linked with the mobile phone. Step 2: Take out the microphone (TX) from the charging box, and the transmitter will turn on automatically at this time, the white indicator light flashes and blue alternately. The TX and RX it will be paired automatically. After successful painring, the blue lights of TX and RX will be always on.

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Iphone, Android

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