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Macaron Retro Video Game Console Double Player Portable Game Console Built-in 500 AV Out Games Electronic Game Device Portable Game Console


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  • 500 in 1 classic game. 500 built-in games, each is a classic, each game will bring you good memories, unisex, people all year round. How to start the game? After selecting English, press the “START” key to enter the game directory. After selecting the game you want to play, press the “A” or “B” key to enter the game, then press the “START” key to start the game.
  • Macaroon colour appearance. Low saturation macaron colors, such as light pink, light blue and light grey. With a fashionable atmosphere, macaron color has always been favored and loved by people.
  • Support double game. It can be connected to the handle to realize a two player game and share the joy of the game with your family or friends. How to choose the double game? Press the “A” or “B” key to enter the game, then press the “SELECT” key to select “2 PLAYERS”, then press the “START” key to start the game.
  • Support TV output. You can connect to the TV, play games on the TV, and turn the small screen into a big screen. How to connect to TV? After the game console connected to the TV via the AV cable, you need to select the corresponding AV signal source on the TV.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Built-in removable lithium battery, rechargeable, very affordable.
  • Large 3.0 inch high definition screen. The soft 3 inch light clears the color screen, does not hurt the eyes and perfectly expresses each image of the game.

Product name: Macaron 500 in one
Color style: yellow/gray
Number of games: 500 built-in Game
product size: 11.5*7.5*2cm
Other functions: Can be connected to AV TV
Battery capacity: 1020 mAh (actual 350 mAh)
Battery life: approx. About 2-3 hours
Product configuration: packaging + manual + host + battery + charging cable + AV cable (One handle for two persons)

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Gray, Yellow

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