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PD100W Super Fast Charging Power Bank 30000 mAh Large Capacity Mobile Power Bank for Mobile Phones and Laptops


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This power bank has six built-in 21700 lithium batteries, a built-in PD 100W super fast charging Type-C high-speed charging interface, and a built-in two-way fast charging . Rechargeable laptop . Digital display screen power indicator, dual USB outputs. Made of aluminum alloy frosted casing, it feels very good! The edges are designed with arcs, which makes it look very thin and light. It can be called the smallest and best-performing model among current large-capacity polymer fast-charging power banks!

Product Description:

This product is a versatile, lightweight and exquisite high-capacity mobile power supply. It is mainly suitable for iPad, MID tablet computers, electronic paper books, various mobile phones, portable game consoles, 5V digital cameras, MP3/4/5 and other digital products. Powered, plug in and use, no need to wait. This series of mobile power supplies is suitable for home travel, business trips, and field operations, providing a perfect power solution for your digital products.

main feature:

Large current and high-speed power supply: This product has two Type-C two-way fast charging input/output ports, which can input and output a total of 100W super fast charging high-speed current to meet the needs of fast power supply.

Safe and high quality: The circuit of this product is designed with input overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and reverse connection protection to improve safety for daily use.

High-quality battery core: This product uses polymer lithium batteries from first-class manufacturers as the battery core, with stable performance and low heat generation. There is no significant change in performance within 300 charge and discharge times.

Intelligent control: Microcomputer intelligently monitors and displays power.

High-end and beautiful: This product adopts high-end hardware shell, which is fashionable and elegant, and feels delicate, smooth and comfortable.

Power bank, 30000mAh, 100W, Type C, PD, two-way fast charging, notebook, for iPhone 14, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung


High actual capacity of 30000mAh

Product Type: Notebook Power Bank

Battery capacity: 30000mah

Battery type: Lithium polymer battery

Input and output 100w: PD 100w

45w: pd3.0/2.0/afc/fcp/qc2.0 output

22.5w: qc3.0/qc2.0/afc/fcp/scp/pe2.0/pe1.0 output

Product size: 110*50*73mm

Product weight: 600g

Product color:  silver, blue


Supports type C, PD, 100W, ultra-fast charging input/output

Support Type C PD 100W two-way fast charging

Supports type C, PD, 45W, super fast charging

Supports type C input/output

Bidirectional Super Fast Charging Type C PD 100W for Laptop/Tablet/Notebook/iPad/Mobile Phone

Quick charge output type C45 W PD3.0/2.0/AFC/FCP/QC2.0, for laptop/notebook/mobile phone

USB output for mobile phones and tablets, 22.5w, qc3.0/qc2.0/afc/fcp/scp/pe2.0/pe1.1

Fast charging output dual type C

Dual USB fast charging output

Comes with powerful LED camping light

With LED digital power display

with strap

Package includes:

1*power bank

1*charging cable

1*User manual

Additional information

Weight N/A

Blue, Silver

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