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LED Mosquito Killing Lamp Electric Shock Mosquito Killing Lamp


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Source Manufacturer LED Mosquito Killing Lamp Electric Shock Mosquito Killing Lamp

Product weight with color box: 455g
Size: 22*11CM
Power: 4W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Voltage: 110v-220V
Instantaneous high voltage: >100V
Shell Material: ABS
Package Size: 120*120*230mm

1. This product is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, hotels, offices, chicken farms, animal husbandry and other places where mosquitoes need to be killed.
2. In an environment that does not block the light source of the mosquito killer lamp, use it alone, and the effective killing power is less than 20 square meters.
3. This mosquito killer lamp is designed with energy-saving, decorative and hypnotic static palladium and weak light. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the effect of strong lighting.
Whether the method of use is correct directly affects the mosquito killing effect. For example: use the mosquito killer before going to bed without turning on the lights in the bedroom, and turn off all the bright lights for 10-20 minutes, or put the mosquito killer in a dark place under the table when working or studying, all of which are very effective ways to use .
4. Suggested action height: Hang (or place) the mosquito killer lamp at a height of 0.8-1.2 meters, more than 0.3 meters away from the wall. Put it in a place that is conducive to killing mosquitoes and close the doors and windows.
5. It is recommended to use it continuously for 24 hours to minimize the switching times of the lamp tube. Extend the service life of the lamp tube.
6. During the day, add a small amount of suitable bait to the chassis of this product, which can also be used to kill flies.
7. In order to increase the lethality of the mosquito killer lamp, the mosquitoes stuck to the metal should be cleaned frequently. When cleaning, first cut off the power supply, then use an insulated metal rod to gently touch the power grid to release the point, and then open the chassis to clean.

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