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13 Pcs Set Wind Durable Dog Chew Toys, Teething Toys For Dogs Tug Of War Rope Toy Set, Interactive Cotton Toys Gift


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Wind Durable Dog Chew Toys, Teething Toys for Dogs Tug of War Rope Toy Set, Interactive Cotton Toys Gift 13 Pcs Set

Fantastic pet dog chewing toys: These various toys for small and medium dogs  are made of safe and durable cotton material. They are rope pull toys, teething toy, and also mental healer for puppies relaxing.
Excellent teething and relaxing tool: Growing teeth are itchy and make puppy nervous and chewing provides relief. They will be happy to play with this set of cotton rope toys to relax, clean teeth and massage gums.
Interactive toys and training helper: enjoy interactive time with your lovely furry companion, no matter indoor activities or outdoor exercise. Also you can train them with these toys. Make them behave in specific ways or avoid unwanted behaviors.
Protect your stuff from dogs chewing: it is not rare to see your dogs chewing shoes, furniture, wood, carpet or toys. Now with this pack of chewing toys, puppy chewing issue will be reduced to lowest. You will probably never have to worry about him chewing on any other stuff.
Bright color and easy for fetch design inspire dogs’ interests: Green and blue ropes and balls are easily identified when they are tossed in the grass. Dogs can easily fetch the target balls. Great for puppies who don’t know how to “drop” the balls as well but love to chew.

Contains 13 pcs: 

  • Character 26cm
  • Frisbee 18cm
  • Dumbbell ball 18cm
  • Slippers 7*17cm
  • Corn cob 14cm
  • Small ball 6cm
  • Single ear ball 18cm
  • Binaural ball 20cm
  • Portable Candy 38cm
  • Candy 25cm
  • Hand ball 32cm
  • Handle ball 27cm
  • Woven bone 15cm

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